9 Key Elements of a Successful Report Writing Format

This page includes the title of the report, the name of the author, and the date of submission.

Title page

This section outlines the structure of the report and helps the reader to navigate it.

Table of contents

This section provides a brief overview of the report's main findings and recommendations.

Executive summary

This section introduces the report topic, outlines the objectives, and provides background information.


 This section contains the bulk of the report, including a detailed discussion of the research or findings.

Main body

This section summarizes the report's main points and conclusions.


This section outlines specific actions that the reader should take based on the report's findings.

Recommendationsn some text

This section lists the sources cited in the report.


This section includes any additional information or data that supports the report but is not essential to the main body.


Overall, the format of a report may vary depending on the purpose and audience of the report, but these elements are typically included to ensure a clear and organized presentation of information.